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"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair broken men."

Fredrick Douglas

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Snowman/Winter Gear Reminder

You don't need snow for a snowman! :) The kids had a fun time yesterday creating our snowman out of leaves in the play yard. Now we are hoping for some snow so we can make the REAL thing! :)

Speaking of being outside, I just wanted to remind you all to make sure your child comes with gloves(they will keep on), a stocking hat and coat each day. We WILL continue to go outside each day, weather permitting, and I want each child to be warm and comfortable so they can get some fresh air and run around with their friends. Please, please remember to pack these each day, no matter if it looks nice and sunny or not. You know what they say about Colorado weather, wait 15 minutes, it will change!

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