Quote of the Month

"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair broken men."

Fredrick Douglas

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is normal!? Well, in general at least...

Have you often wondered what is normal (socially, emotionally,physically) for your child at his/her current age? Is it really normal for children to talk "potty talk" at the dinner table or is it normal that my kid cannot yet catch a ball!? Wonder no more! I have some exciting resources I would like to share with you that can be used as a great guide to the development of you child. It's really nice to read these and know that in general, they all go through different stages and some of their behavior is a result of what they are really mentally/emotionally/physically capable of. They also give some ideas/tips on dealing with behavior and activities appropriate for each age (many great for the summer!) which are very helpful for me as well.  Check them out!
For 2 year olds.....   http://www.nncc.org/child.dev/ages.stages.2y.html

For 3 year olds.....   http://www.nncc.org/child.dev/ages.stages.3y.html

For 4 year olds.....  http://www.nncc.org/child.dev/ages.stages.4y.html

For 5 year olds.....  http://www.nncc.org/child.dev/ages.stages.5y.html