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"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair broken men."

Fredrick Douglas

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..inside the house anyway!

Though the bright sunny weather and lack of snow makes it feel like spring, not the middle of December, we've been having a jolly-good time getting ready for Christmas! Today we decorated this"tiny tree" together. I was a little nervous about setting out a bowl of Fruit Loops; that the "decoration" would soon become someone's second breakfast....haha. However, all the kids listened well (hooray!) and either used their fine motor skills to make fun colored garland or practiced finding the correct colors of fruit loops from the bowl. It was a little messy(but messy=fun in preschool land, right?) and we had some crushed fruit loops in the carpet, but nothing a little vacuuming couldn't clean up. When the tree was all done, we had a countdown to the lighting of our tree and shouted "Merry Christmas!" The rest of the day we plan to continue practicing our "Christmas Tree" song...Perhaps by the end of the week your child will be able to perform it for your family at home! 

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